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Mina Zayed
mina Rashid

Food and hospitality have been Nabeel’s fascination his whole life.

As a child growing up in the 1980s, he learned by observing his father, a leading chef de cuisine with 50 years of experience working in luxury hotels across Syria and the Levant region. 


In 2001 Nabeel wanted to  formalize his passion and widen his culinary horizons by gaining new experiences on the ground.


First in Damascus, at the Sindyanah French restaurant, where he learned the art of flambage and decoupage, then at Geeminy as a cocktail barman and then as head waiter at the Orient Club.


Hungry to add more styles to his repertoire of flavors, Nabeel moved on to Abu Dhabi in 2004, where after several years as a catering project manager and consultant, he launched his own catering and events company, Think LLC.


It was here that he developed his long-held belief that food should be an experience, a pageant that combines the sensory magic of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and serves it with a flourish of elegant design. Flavors was born in 2016, not as a restaurant, but rather as a touring spectacle that brought great food and an enchanting atmosphere to wherever his clients needed it. 


The Flavors Tour grew to know great success across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. But it was Nabeel’s other great love that inspired him to settle down and plant his roots with his first restaurant: his love of family. 


He opened Flavors Grill in Abu Dhabi in December 2018. Not amidst the glamour of downtown, but rather in the traditional birthplace of Abu Dhabi, the port of Mina Zayed. It’s a location that occupied a treasured place in the heart of the late Sheikh Zayed and continues to be held dear today by many emiratis. 


Nabeel chose Mina Zayed because of its history as a trading hub, where different cultures meet and different flavors coalesce.

Flavors Grill quickly became a favorite venue for those seeking a symphony of sensory stimuli, a dining destination where ambient light, décor and music are specifically designed to complement mouth-wateringly good, simple, grilled food.


It is there that you will find Nabeel orchestrating the many different elements that make for a thrilling and engaging dining experience. And he will be delighted to invite you in and show you around, as if it were his home.


Nabeel has two daughters and, as any caring father, their future is what matters most to him. And he believes it is no different for his staff. That is why he is proud to have launched an incentive that contributes towards financing the school fees of the children of those who help make Flavors Grill a unique and enchanting place to eat great food.

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