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New Dimension, Dramatic Setting, Hand Crafted Live Cooking Stations And Taste Sensations.


Live Cooking In Style

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Great dining is so much more than just delicious food. It’s an experience that arouses all of the senses.

It’s about what you see, smell, hear and feel just as much as it is about what you taste.

Flavors Grill blends the ingredients of lights, music and atmosphere and conjures up a dining experience that you will cherish long after you’ve left. What you’ll remember most, though, is the food.

Traditional, sustainable and fresh

When you eat at Flavors Grill, you can be certain that what you’re served is fresh. 


There are no refrigerators at Flavors. Everything we prepare comes straight from the market that day.


We cook without electricity or gas. Your meat is prepared in front of your eyes on an open-fire grill.


It is a concept inspired from the cooking techniques of the 18th century, a time before electric ovens and fridges, when mothers used to cook with the tools that Nature provided for them.

A venue that honours the past

You won’t find Flavors Grill amid the glitzy glamour of downtown Abu Dhabi, but rather in the birthplace of the emirate itself, the old trading port of Mina Zayed. 


The cradle of modern-day Abu Dhabi, Mina Zayed has always been a melting pot of cultures, traditions and flavors. It is why Chef Nabeel Flavours’ founder decided to plant the roots of the restaurant here, because of the history, the echoes of the past, and the authenticity that reflects the values of his project.

Friendly, fun and unforgettable

At Flavors Grill, everything is designed with the diner at the front of our minds. We strive to create an atmosphere that everyone can become engaged with. 

Putting family at the heart of dining out

The inspiration behind Flavors Grill is family. You could say it’s our raison d’être, and Flavors' founder chef Nabeel is an advocate of social entrepreneurship for the community. 


Keen to help the children of those who work with him to create the magic of Flavors Grill, he established a fund to support children's education and contribute towards financing the school fees of the children of Flavors’ team.


We also know that children love to be entertained, which is why we make cooking a spectacle that they can enjoy while they work up an appetite!



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Flavors Grill - free port mina zayed

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